Aluminum tower block clamps

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How to use tower clamps

The new crack clamp.

  • Cleaning.
  • Repairing.
  • Glueing.
  • And more


  • Aluminum tower blocks facilitate cleaning cracks in a much easier and safer way. The sides of the cracks cannot accidentally chafe against each other. Open and close in a very controlled manner.


  • Aluminum tower blocks simplify fitting slivers in gaps in the crack where (replacing missing wood). Both sides register in exactly the same position every time after closing, a challenge especially if the crack is very long or the plate is completely separated into two pieces.


  • Tower blocks glued to the underedge. Please notice the wedge used to level the crack when free-gluing.
  • Towers facilitate inserting glue. Repeatedly opening and closing just one screw pumps glue in the crack. Tightening the clamp then immediately applies the final closing force.

Rib cracks

  • Gluing rib cracks in conjunction with a plaster backing.

Multiple cracks

  • The towers can span over multiple cracks.

Plaster cast gluing

  • The clamps can be used in conjunction with a plaster cast. Their wide span allows for space to place repair clamps that press the plate into the cast.
  • Important note: When working with spruce, it is advisable to keep the downward force for a maximum of 10 minutes after glue application to avoid compression and sinking, removing the repair clamps while leaving the tower clamps in place.

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How to use tower clamps